Gentle Reminder

Dear students,

Please be reminded:

  • you MUST always have your pen drive and booklet for your assigned ICT lessons in the lab.
  • all the above are to be carried in a black button folder as per image


See you next week

Ms Gaby




Jr 4,5,6 Booklets

Dear Parents,

You are kindly requested to send cost per booklet as listed below, in a sealed envelope including child’s name and class, by not later than Friday 6th October.

Jr 4s : –  2.50 Euro

Jr 5s : –  2.50 Euro

Jr 6s : – 3.50 Euro


Sr 1s …. Destination Paris

Linked to Ms. Emiliette’s French lessons, the Sr 1s are to find places of interest around Paris, research and record information and eventually create their own individual brochures. We will be also exploring food and couture in the coming weeks.

HIGHLIGHT…..  this morning with some of the students, we traveled all the way to Paris…. we visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pompidou Centre…. etc and we also got to fly over Paris, taking in and enjoying an aerial view.

At this stage you might be wondering what I  am talking about……….. just check it out 🙂


Jr 5s – The Skeleton

As explained earlier, one of their weekly lessons will be assigned to a cross-curricular activity. Jr 5s will be visiting ‘The Skeleton’ which currently is being covered with Ms. Edwina in class and through a pre-set lesson on their Learn Pads, the students, are exploring and creating their own virtual skeleton model.

Next week they get to experience a journey within the human body, through our Class VRs

This week’s HW :

  • Student’s are to access lesson on Learn Pads
  • Observe available diagram
  • Re-Create and label their own skeleton model on Work Space
  • Save 

Sneak peek..junior school ICT lab

…and the Senior 2s got to use the lab for the very first time, since the other one is still in the process of being finished off.

They also received their new Microsoft log in, which will allow them to use one terabyte of on line storage each, and full access to all Microsoft tools, which eventually we will be using in class.

Loved watching all the activity and I’m sure that this will prove to be a successful journey together.


Ms Gaby

The beginning of a new journey…

New labs, new hardware, new tools, new booklets….. need I say that this is going to be an exciting journey together?

After intensive planning, discussions, training here I am on the eve of this new scholastic year. With my new roles, now I can totally focus on taking ICT to a higher level, where students will be engaged in both the theory and the joy of using ICT as a learning tool.

Junior 5,6 & Senior 1,2 will be having 2 lessons per week.

  • One focusing on theory/Syllabus, working through booklets
  • The second lesson will be based on a cross-curricular approach, where students can take their learning to the higher level of attainment, using varied tools available in the labs. These lessons are all planned in collaboration with their other teachers, targeting Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PE, Ethics and CE

Junior 4s – 1 lesson a week

  • Covering Syllabus
  • Familiarization of new LearnPad and its tools

Senior 4 – 1 lesson a week 

  • Working with Office 365 and its tools
  • Applying learned skills and creating materials through a varied range of new hardware…. leaving this as a surprise


All booklets are in colour and these come at a reasonable price.

  • Jr 4-6s, I will be handing them out during this week, will confirm cost with Ms Marguerite.
  • Sr 1,2 booklets can be purchased directly from Ms Giselle.
  • Sr 4s, given their maturity, we are implementing a paperless system where their work will be recorded and corrected online.

Looking forward

Ms Gaby