The beginning of a new journey…

New labs, new hardware, new tools, new booklets….. need I say that this is going to be an exciting journey together?

After intensive planning, discussions, training here I am on the eve of this new scholastic year. With my new roles, now I can totally focus on taking ICT to a higher level, where students will be engaged in both the theory and the joy of using ICT as a learning tool.

Junior 5,6 & Senior 1,2 will be having 2 lessons per week.

  • One focusing on theory/Syllabus, working through booklets
  • The second lesson will be based on a cross-curricular approach, where students can take their learning to the higher level of attainment, using varied tools available in the labs. These lessons are all planned in collaboration with their other teachers, targeting Literacy, Numeracy, Science, PE, Ethics and CE

Junior 4s – 1 lesson a week

  • Covering Syllabus
  • Familiarization of new LearnPad and its tools

Senior 4 – 1 lesson a week 

  • Working with Office 365 and its tools
  • Applying learned skills and creating materials through a varied range of new hardware…. leaving this as a surprise


All booklets are in colour and these come at a reasonable price.

  • Jr 4-6s, I will be handing them out during this week, will confirm cost with Ms Marguerite.
  • Sr 1,2 booklets can be purchased directly from Ms Giselle.
  • Sr 4s, given their maturity, we are implementing a paperless system where their work will be recorded and corrected online.

Looking forward

Ms Gaby


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