Sr 1s …. Destination Paris

Linked to Ms. Emiliette’s French lessons, the Sr 1s are to find places of interest around Paris, research and record information and eventually create their own individual brochures. We will be also exploring food and couture in the coming weeks.

HIGHLIGHT…..  this morning with some of the students, we traveled all the way to Paris…. we visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pompidou Centre…. etc and we also got to fly over Paris, taking in and enjoying an aerial view.

At this stage you might be wondering what I  am talking about……….. just check it out 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sr 1s …. Destination Paris

  1. Dear ms Gaby,

    Mouna is finding trouble with her hw of digital literacy her computer isn’t working for her, and she forgot to go and speak to you. Can u plz let her do it in class in both breaks please.
    (Mouna’s mum)


  2. Dear Ms Gaby,
    Tanya is trying to work on the sway, however she cannot, as her password does not work. Can you please help her out with this?


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