Jr 4,5,6 Booklets

Dear Parents,

You are kindly requested to send cost per booklet as listed below, in a sealed envelope including child’s name and class, by not later than Friday 6th October.

Jr 4s : –  2.50 Euro

Jr 5s : –  2.50 Euro

Jr 6s : – 3.50 Euro



7 thoughts on “Jr 4,5,6 Booklets

  1. Dear Ms Gaby,

    We are trying to do the homework of D.L that includes the photos and we cant figure out what we have too do. We are trying to see the properties of the zipped folder but every time it gives us in KM not in MB and if it is in K.B it gives us a much higher number.

    From: Alysa and mary J.R 6B


    • Sorry for my late reply, but I was away from my PC. Dear Alysa and Mary, your task was to check properties of your folder and record it. Then zip file it and compare properties. You will not get a significant difference, but you can view that when zip filing data, they become smaller in size.


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