Sr 2s – Cross-Curricular – Angles SWAY presentation

Introducing SWAY as a new presentation tool. SWAY, similar to PPP but cooler!! It is an interactive Microsoft tool, which allows users to interact and discover hidden data/images within the presentation.

Linked to their Math lessons with Ms. Greta, the students are asked to re-visit the angles such as Acute, Obtuse, Opposite, Alternate, Angles on parallel lines… etc; and apply them in everyday life. They are to think outside the box and find real-life examples and present them in a SWAY creation.

Students are to keep it simple, yet interesting for others to view… so be creative, apply what you’ve learned and finally Print.

HW due next week, check Power school


One thought on “Sr 2s – Cross-Curricular – Angles SWAY presentation

  1. Dear Ms Gaby

    As I told you yesterday about Mouna I’ll even inform your about khadija she’s been worried a lot cause the computer doesn’t work I’ve even sent Me giselle an email not to send them down!

    Thank you


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