Jr 5s

jr 5 lesson

This week’s task – Extending our learning – External Storage Presentation on Author Premium.

Scan code, access lesson. Through Author Premium, students are to create their presentation using available images within lesson and information from workbook on pg 6.

HW due next week, check Power school

jr 5 lesson


6 thoughts on “Jr 5s

  1. Dear ms Gaby,

    Mouna tried to do the hw on her phone but it isn’t working she said and it’s getting stuck on her phone for tomorrow’s hw but she told me that she did some in school but she didn’t do a lot of it can you plz not send her down stairs but she will do her hw in break plz!!!


    • Unfortunately, such HW cannot be carried out on mobiles. Therefore, I fully understand the situation and her commitment towards finishing off. She can come and carry on with her work in lab tomorrow during the first break.
      Ms Gaby


  2. Dear Ms Gaby,

    We have tried connecting the tbalet to our PC, both Windows and Mac. In both cases, the Tablet does not show up on the computer. I have installed Android File transfer to connect the tablet.

    Even so, I could only find .auth files, or epub files that were actually unreadable by any software we had installed.

    I finally managed, but it took the best part of a couple of hours. I am not sure that Katrina would have managed on her own. It was quite complicated in my opinion to explain to a nine-year-old.

    If there is a simpler way, please do let me know. Katrina felt quite bad that she could not do it by herself.




    • Indeed this is an arduous job and while I was just quoting Avantis tech, as tablets are totally controlled by this company, now that I found enough time to try it out myself, it totally doesn’t make sense!! Printing should have been such a simple task, but somehow they decided to put a lot of restrictions which as you explained, makes it way too complicated. I will write a general post to this regards.
      Thank you
      Ms Gaby


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