Loving my Senior school experience

When a teacher gets to replace a couple of lessons with her DL students…. what better way than mashing tech with an outside activity…. and why not, test those climbing frames. #littledailypleasures



2 thoughts on “Loving my Senior school experience

  1. Dear ms gaby,

    Mouna didn’t go to school last Thursday as she was feeling a little in well. And on Friday she told me that she forgot to go to you and ask for help about the movie maker. On Monday she was looking for you and she told me that she couldn’t find you and in Tuesday she didn’t go to school and Wednesday Scince her class had the live in and she didn’t want to take part and sj doesn’t know how to do the movie maker with her pictures on one note amd she needs help
    On how to do it.

    Thank you Mouna’s mum


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