Sr 2s – Cross Curricular Project

Studying for their Science Half Yearly exam in a way that motivates and targets their personal interests in an interactive way. Using Minecraft, Paint 3D and Sway as their presentation tools they applied what they’ve learned with Ms. Alexia in a digital world.

A sway presentation by Nikol Attard:

A 3D visual presentation in Paint 3D by Jessica Coyle:

The eye

3D Models in Minecraft



2 thoughts on “Sr 2s – Cross Curricular Project

  1. Dear Ms Gaby,

    Denisa was able to tell me now what that assignment was about, she got confused when I first asked her. She told me that she was not able to finish it as this is something they need to do in class and she had no chance to do that. Please give me more details about this assignment and what is expected from Denisa. Thank you!

    Kind regards,
    Alina Cordos


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