Collaborative Project – Sr 2B & 2A

Today I want to share some of our student’s work carried out during the Christmas holidays. This was done in collaboration using One Note as their primary tool in creating one final presentation based on their assigned task. Life without Wi-Fi. 

Through research and collaboration, and through the use of available tools all groups managed to create a very formative and engaging presentation. Well done to all!!

Life without Wi-Fi


Ms Gaby

Argentina, only a call away…

Not a bad start for the Senior 4s…. Traveling to Argentina through a mystery Skype call, the students applied their geographical skills, using Google maps as their primary tool to find the exact location of our caller. Asking yes or no questions they managed to guess the location in less than ten minutes. This was followed by a formative presentation also followed by an on line quiz lead by Ms Maria herself. 

Great experience for our students to explore the outside world beyond the four classroom walls. 

Who knows what out next destination is going to be?


Ms Gaby

Thank you

thank u

My heartfelt thanks to all my students… Jr 4s, 5s, 6s, Sr1s, 2s & 4s  for all the gifts received today.  Your generosity was overwhelming and with an open heart, I wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas!!

Let’s all rest and re-charge for the upcoming scholastic term

Ms Gaby x




Jr4B – DL Homework

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that today, students managed to screenshot images from Chrome and started the process of cropping them, in preparation for our next lesson.

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Access Chrome and search for images. Make sure to include ‘for kids’ in the search area.

Step 2: Access screenshots through Toolbox, Gallery

Step 3: Click on your image and through the ‘Breadcrumbs’ on the top right-hand corner, crop your image.

Step 4: Save

Please Note: Make sure you have up to 10 cropped images.

Our next task: Creating an e.Book


Ms Gaby


Today I am happy to share the good news that marks another milestone of success for our students and our school. Last year’s project, which was carried out with the present Junior 6s was awarded 2nd place for Innovative projects award, which was organized by the Ministry of education. This, gives me personally the excitement and enthusiasm to strive for more and it never marks the end of a journey but the beginning of a new and more exciting one! On a different note, today I had to post the following message to others out there on my FB wall, as while we truly believe that learning with a difference is a way forward, supporting other subjects and taking learning to a different level of attainment, unfortunately I do encounter educators like me that find it hard to believe, that what we do truly works! I can only reply by saying, try it, test it with your students and then I am ready to discuss 😊 I feel so blessed to be supported and mentored by amazing people, as per post.  Throughout the years I ‘ve learnt to apply a one way vision, that of looking forward and never turn back. It is a learning journey…..

My FB post..

For the sceptic, who do not believe in applying gamification in education…… I tell you, you are missing a whole undiscovered world!!! Today our students got the privilege and the honour to be directly trained by the most amazing person, Stephen Reid. They got to build their own QrCodes in Minecraft and guess what..they actually worked. So proud of all our students. You are true pioneers to modified learning. Ohh I feel so blessed!! Special thanks goes to Vanessa Antoniadou- Microsoft for organizing all this, Stephen- founder and director of Immersive Minds, Scotland, for being the amazing and inspiring person he is and Natasha La Rosa for always being there and supporting all the crazy ideas 😋 for our next one 😉