Att. Junior 4B

Well done Junior 4B students, your end of year test marks are now published on Powerschool.


Ms Gaby


End of year testing – Junior classes

May I kindly remind all students that their end of year ICT test will be held on the following dates:

5th June – Jr 5s – 2nd/3rd lesson

6th June – Jr 6B – 7th lesson

12th June – Jr 4B -4th lesson

14th June – Jr4A – 5th lesson

14th June – Jr 6A – 6th lesson

Kind Regards

Ms Gaby

Att. Jr 4 Parents

Dear parents,

As part of the ongoing initiative and effort in keeping our students on the crest of innovation in using digital content within their learning journey, the school invested in individual Office 365 memberships for all the students at St Catherine’s.  While older students are now very confident in using these tools as part of their daily work, it is now time for our younger group of DigiKidz to launch into this new world. For this reason, I kindly ask you to read through the instruction pack that I handed today to the Jr4B students (Jr 4A – to follow).

By activating your child’s account your son/daughter will have full access to all available tools, which we will be using in class over the years. We shall be starting off by using Outlook e.mail, where children will be able to share/reply to e.mails within our St Catherine’s community, enabling them to learn the basic features, also applying all the Do’s and Don’ts listed within their workbooks.

For this reason, kindly follow instructions as to activate and create a password for your child’s account. It is very important that passwords are written within their instruction pack and left within their black folders for class use.

Step 1: Access my lesson on LearnPads


Step 2: Access third icon – GG writing e.mails


Step 3: Click on the Office 365 icon and access the following page


Step 4: Follow hardcopy instructions. Please save password on the device, for easier access in class.

Please let me know if you need further assistance

Ms Gaby


On-going assessment schedule

Dear students,
Kindly note that your next on-going assessment is scheduled as follows:

Jr 4A: Feb 19th

Jr 4B: Feb 20th

Jr 5A: Feb 15th

Jr 5B: Feb 16th

Jr 6A: Feb 16th

Jr 6B: Feb 14th

To revise:

  • Junior 5s to revise Bklt 1 + confidence in Learn Pad use + using Paint 3D
  •  Junior 6s to revise Bklt 1 + use of Microsoft tools:- Sway, Word, ClassNotebook
  • Jr 4s to revise Bklt 1, Lesson 1 – Lesson 4 + basic functions when using Learnpad such as using the barcode reader, connecting to Wifi, sharing your work on Class Cloud and use of Picsay app

I suggest that you revise all the information and apply what you know through hands-on activities using your devices, desktop/laptop/tablet.


Ms Gaby


Jr4B – DL Homework

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that today, students managed to screenshot images from Chrome and started the process of cropping them, in preparation for our next lesson.

Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Access Chrome and search for images. Make sure to include ‘for kids’ in the search area.

Step 2: Access screenshots through Toolbox, Gallery

Step 3: Click on your image and through the ‘Breadcrumbs’ on the top right-hand corner, crop your image.

Step 4: Save

Please Note: Make sure you have up to 10 cropped images.

Our next task: Creating an e.Book


Ms Gaby


Scholastic Pro on Learn Pads

Dear Parents,

Jr 5s: Kindly note that all students were given a laminated sheet, carrying teacher’s QR Codes (as per link hereunder). This will enable students to shift from one lesson to another with ease, not having to stay logging on blogs to view specific QRs. Included one can also find a QR code for Scholastic Pro. Students are to access the link within the lesson and input user and password.

Lessons QR Codes

Jr 4s: Right after the holidays, students will be given a similar sheet to the one above for easier lesson access. In the meantime, I am sharing Scholastic Pro’s QR.

scholastic pro

Hope this helps

Ms Gaby