End of year testing – Junior classes

May I kindly remind all students that their end of year ICT test will be held on the following dates:

5th June – Jr 5s – 2nd/3rd lesson

6th June – Jr 6B – 7th lesson

12th June – Jr 4B -4th lesson

14th June – Jr4A – 5th lesson

14th June – Jr 6A – 6th lesson

Kind Regards

Ms Gaby


Posting on behalf of Mr Brian – Jr 5

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware, Ms Gaby has prepared a Digital Literacy Booklet for the Junior 5 students to use during the Digital Literacy lessons during the 2nd Term.

You are kindly requested to send an envelope with the amount of €3.10 to Ms Gaby by not later than Friday 16th March 2018.  This amount will cover the printing costs for this booklet.  Please write the name of the child, class and DL Booklet Fee on the envelope.  Thank you.



Brian Gauci B.A., S.Th.B., P.G.C.E, Post Graduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy
Director Pastoral Care & Human Resources

St. Catherine’s High School

Address: 11, Suffolk Road, Pembroke PBK 1901
Tel: +356 21376546, +356 21376543

Website: www.stcatherines.eu

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Jr 5s Outing

Dear Parents,

For our outing this Thursday please note that all students need the following items:

  • Sketchpads within a cloth drawstring bag (Art activity with Ms Cetty)
  • Learnpads (Digital Literacy/Science activity with Ms Gaby/Ms Edwina) please note that students were instructed not to get anything within their Learnpad bags. Only the tablet is required while all the rest is to be left at home)
  • Pencil case as instructed by Ms Edwina
  • Small lunch bag with enough food and water
  • 1 extra pair of socks just in case they get wet

Children can come in their Wellies (if available) since we are assuming that some areas might be muddy.

Kind Regards

Ms Gaby

On-going assessment schedule

Dear students,
Kindly note that your next on-going assessment is scheduled as follows:

Jr 4A: Feb 19th

Jr 4B: Feb 20th

Jr 5A: Feb 15th

Jr 5B: Feb 16th

Jr 6A: Feb 16th

Jr 6B: Feb 14th

To revise:

  • Junior 5s to revise Bklt 1 + confidence in Learn Pad use + using Paint 3D
  •  Junior 6s to revise Bklt 1 + use of Microsoft tools:- Sway, Word, ClassNotebook
  • Jr 4s to revise Bklt 1, Lesson 1 – Lesson 4 + basic functions when using Learnpad such as using the barcode reader, connecting to Wifi, sharing your work on Class Cloud and use of Picsay app

I suggest that you revise all the information and apply what you know through hands-on activities using your devices, desktop/laptop/tablet.


Ms Gaby