Jr 5B – Accessing lessons through QR Codes

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that now since teachers are creating their own lessons on the Learn Pad, QR codes are needed to access different lessons from different teachers. For this reason, I am uploading today’s lesson for the Junior 5B, which will allow the students to see the given task to an end.

Assigned HW: Create and label the human skeleton using WorkSpace

the skeleton



Jr 5A – Cross curricular lesson

Exploring and re-creating the Human skeleton using Learn Pads. So proud of their commitment and effort in seeing this task to an end. Now off for printing they go and displaying it is. Well done to all!!

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Jr 5s – The Skeleton

As explained earlier, one of their weekly lessons will be assigned to a cross-curricular activity. Jr 5s will be visiting ‘The Skeleton’ which currently is being covered with Ms. Edwina in class and through a pre-set lesson on their Learn Pads, the students, are exploring and creating their own virtual skeleton model.

Next week they get to experience a journey within the human body, through our Class VRs

This week’s HW :

  • Student’s are to access lesson on Learn Pads
  • Observe available diagram
  • Re-Create and label their own skeleton model on Work Space
  • Save