Jr 5B – Results

Please note that February assessments’ results are not available on Powerschool.

Well Done

Ms Gaby


On-going assessment schedule

Dear students,
Kindly note that your next on-going assessment is scheduled as follows:

Jr 4A: Feb 19th

Jr 4B: Feb 20th

Jr 5A: Feb 15th

Jr 5B: Feb 16th

Jr 6A: Feb 16th

Jr 6B: Feb 14th

To revise:

  • Junior 5s to revise Bklt 1 + confidence in Learn Pad use + using Paint 3D
  •  Junior 6s to revise Bklt 1 + use of Microsoft tools:- Sway, Word, ClassNotebook
  • Jr 4s to revise Bklt 1, Lesson 1 – Lesson 4 + basic functions when using Learnpad such as using the barcode reader, connecting to Wifi, sharing your work on Class Cloud and use of Picsay app

I suggest that you revise all the information and apply what you know through hands-on activities using your devices, desktop/laptop/tablet.


Ms Gaby


Scholastic Pro on Learn Pads

Dear Parents,

Jr 5s: Kindly note that all students were given a laminated sheet, carrying teacher’s QR Codes (as per link hereunder). This will enable students to shift from one lesson to another with ease, not having to stay logging on blogs to view specific QRs. Included one can also find a QR code for Scholastic Pro. Students are to access the link within the lesson and input user and password.

Lessons QR Codes

Jr 4s: Right after the holidays, students will be given a similar sheet to the one above for easier lesson access. In the meantime, I am sharing Scholastic Pro’s QR.

scholastic pro

Hope this helps

Ms Gaby


Jr 5s Printing

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that printing from the tablet is proving to be an arduous job, to say the least. Something so simple as printing and saving is turning out to be the biggest nightmare ever.

Given that Learnpads are totally controlled by Avantis, we cannot do much and all I can do is quote their instructions, which yet again are proving to be unsuccessful. So at this stage, I can only ask you to ignore my Printing instructions and ask students to send them to Class Cloud, as this seems to be the only way for me to access and correct their work.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Will keep you updated

Ms Gaby

Jr 5A – Office 365 Accounts

Dear Parents,

Kindly note that today I sent instructions on how to Activate student’s Office accounts. It is very important that you read through all the information especially, instructions on page 3.

When re-setting passwords make sure that passwords carry capital and small letters together with either numbers or symbols. Also, keep it simple enough for children to remember and write it down in their diaries for easy access.

Link can be found within this lesson :

Digital QR

Jr 5s

jr 5 lesson

This week’s task – Extending our learning – External Storage Presentation on Author Premium.

Scan code, access lesson. Through Author Premium, students are to create their presentation using available images within lesson and information from workbook on pg 6.

HW due next week, check Power school

jr 5 lesson