Att: Sr1s, Sr2s, Sr4s and Jr 6b

Kindly note that end of year test marks are now available on PowerSchool.

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End of year testing – Senior classes

May I kindly remind all senior students that their end of year ICT test will be carried out on the following days :

Monday 4th – Sr 2s – 6th/7th lesson

Tuesday 5th – Sr 4s – 7th lesson

Wednesday 6th – Sr 1s – 1st lesson


Ms Gaby

Sr 2s – Cross Curricular Project

Studying for their Science Half Yearly exam in a way that motivates and targets their personal interests in an interactive way. Using Minecraft, Paint 3D and Sway as their presentation tools they applied what they’ve learned with Ms. Alexia in a digital world.

A sway presentation by Nikol Attard:

A 3D visual presentation in Paint 3D by Jessica Coyle:

The eye

3D Models in Minecraft


Collaborative Project – Sr 2B & 2A

Today I want to share some of our student’s work carried out during the Christmas holidays. This was done in collaboration using One Note as their primary tool in creating one final presentation based on their assigned task. Life without Wi-Fi. 

Through research and collaboration, and through the use of available tools all groups managed to create a very formative and engaging presentation. Well done to all!!

Life without Wi-Fi


Ms Gaby

Sharing…. Sr2s Cross-Curricular Work. Maths/ICT

Applying angles in everyday life…..