Today I am happy to share the good news that marks another milestone of success for our students and our school. Last year’s project, which was carried out with the present Junior 6s was awarded 2nd place for Innovative projects award, which was organized by the Ministry of education. This, gives me personally the excitement and enthusiasm to strive for more and it never marks the end of a journey but the beginning of a new and more exciting one! On a different note, today I had to post the following message to others out there on my FB wall, as while we truly believe that learning with a difference is a way forward, supporting other subjects and taking learning to a different level of attainment, unfortunately I do encounter educators like me that find it hard to believe, that what we do truly works! I can only reply by saying, try it, test it with your students and then I am ready to discuss 😊 I feel so blessed to be supported and mentored by amazing people, as per post.  Throughout the years I ‘ve learnt to apply a one way vision, that of looking forward and never turn back. It is a learning journey…..

My FB post..

For the sceptic, who do not believe in applying gamification in education…… I tell you, you are missing a whole undiscovered world!!! Today our students got the privilege and the honour to be directly trained by the most amazing person, Stephen Reid. They got to build their own QrCodes in Minecraft and guess what..they actually worked. So proud of all our students. You are true pioneers to modified learning. Ohh I feel so blessed!! Special thanks goes to Vanessa Antoniadou- Microsoft for organizing all this, Stephen- founder and director of Immersive Minds, Scotland, for being the amazing and inspiring person he is and Natasha La Rosa for always being there and supporting all the crazy ideas 😋 for our next one 😉


Jr 6s #SweetExchange #Mathematicalcalculations

In collaboration with Ms Lorraine and classes from Serbia and Greece, the Junior 6s will be embarking on this new journey… Exchanging sweets and working Mathematical calculations using nutritional values on each packet.

Today marked the start of this new journey, where we met and got to know our new friends and planned a way forward. While at first, connection proved to be a bit challenging at the end we managed to chat with both classes through a Skype group chat and made another appointment for the 1st, where we will be tasting each other’s sweets and working through the worksheet, which Ms Lorraine will be specifically planning for this joint venture.

This gives us a little spark which makes teaching and learning fun for both students and teachers alike and while as explained to the students, in reality, we do not know these teachers or students, somehow after our first chat, it’s like we have an extension to our classrooms. Beyond our classroom walls, we get to explore new methodologies and build new connections.

Really looking forward….

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Jr 5s Cross-Curricular activity

Lovely activity today with the collaboration of Ms Lorraine in the lab. Together we managed to challenge the students with some Math problems, hidden behind QR codes. Full of excitement they were running around the corridors, scanning, screen capturing the problems, edit on Learn Pads and finally work them out on Workspace…..this activity will be finished off next week.

Scholastic Pro on Learn Pads

Dear Parents,

Jr 5s: Kindly note that all students were given a laminated sheet, carrying teacher’s QR Codes (as per link hereunder). This will enable students to shift from one lesson to another with ease, not having to stay logging on blogs to view specific QRs. Included one can also find a QR code for Scholastic Pro. Students are to access the link within the lesson and input user and password.

Lessons QR Codes

Jr 4s: Right after the holidays, students will be given a similar sheet to the one above for easier lesson access. In the meantime, I am sharing Scholastic Pro’s QR.

scholastic pro

Hope this helps

Ms Gaby