Reminder – 6A

May I kindly remind all the students in Jr 6A to upload their HW on their class notebook by latest tomorrow afternoon :

Ms Gaby


Fueling motivation…

Following their first badge, given back in December to all my #Digikidz in the primary classes, now as promised I can release the next three badges which will be assigned to three students per class.

#Creativity will be given out to students who have shown innovative ways of learning and performing.

#AskMe will be given out to students who have attained a high level of understanding and can take on a mentoring role in class.

#ICan will be given out to students who have shown improvement and are trying their best to reach their full potential.

Let’s see who this month’s awardees are going to be…..

Also, a special badge was created for all the students who attend our #Digikidz+ after school club on a Friday. This club engages students to use, apply and explore technology in an educational setting through a STEM approach. So far they managed to code a story, virtually visit the moon through VR headsets and furthermore understand the mechanism behind a solar eclipse. Next week…. Visiting the pyramids and stepping into the shoes of an architect… Tools to be used? …We cannot spoil the surprise for our #Digikidz+ 😊

Take care Ms Gaby

Jr 6A – Tomorrow’s Lesson

Dear Students,

Tomorrow I will be introducing your Class Notebook, in preparation for your shift to a paperless system:
You can already access your workbook in a softcopy version through the Content Library section. You can always have a go at it tonight 🙂
You will be accessing all this through laptops and tablets in the lab
See you all tomorrow
Ms Gaby

Jr 4A – Send to class cloud

Dear Students,

Given that tomorrow you are going to be away and you will be missing your lesson, please make sure that you send your finished HW on ClassCloud.

Step 1 : Access your finished poster on Picsay

Step 2 : Click share button – top right-hand side

Step 3 : Share on Class Cloud.

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me

Kind Regards

Ms Gaby